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Digital Wall Calendar 24 Inch in Wooden Frame

Digital Wall Calendar 24 Inch in Wooden Frame
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This customizable 24-inch digital wall calendar that syncs with your online calendars (Google, Apple, iCal, Microsoft and other cloud calendar services) and automatically updates information on the large screen as soon as you make any changes to your schedule from your computer or smartphone. It runs under the DAKboard platform, so you would need to create an account there.

In addition to the displaying calendar function, this digital wall calendar can show the current weather forecast for the next 3-5 days in the region of interest. You can also display to-do lists, traffic and congestion information, package tracking, any RSS news feeds, stock quotes, and more.

Additionally, the digital wall calendar can be used as a photo frame. In slideshow mode, you can show any photos from your family cloud archive, e.g. Google Photo, Apple Photo, Dropbox, and many others.

External dimensions of the display, including frame:
Width: 22.6" (575 mm)
Height: 13.7" (350 mm)
Depth: 2.0" (52 mm)

Weight: 10.8 lbs (4.9 kg)

Preloaded Software

You will receive a digital wall calendar with DAKboard software already installed. It is a flexible, feature-rich and user-friendly software designed to simplify planning. DAKboard allows you to access your digital calendars, provide additional relevant information and synchronize with your calendars automatically. When you sign up for a DAKboard account, you can choose a free or paid subscription based on your needs.


We always make sure that with our digital wall calendar you are always assured of consistent quality. Modern production technologies, the experience of our craftsmen, combined with quality materials have allowed us to create a product that will stand the test of time and add sophistication to your interior.
In manufacturing we use the following wood species: oak, ash, European walnut, American walnut, cherry, rubber wood, olive.

Shipping & Returns

By using reliable international courier services, your digital wall calendar will be delivered safe and sound. You can enjoy your purchases to be delivered to you promptly (4 days to USA and 2-3 in Europe). Our return policy allows you to return an item within 14 days without giving a reason, however, keep in mind that in this case we will ask you to pay for shipping to us. We are happy to support you at every stage of the buying process. Below are direct links to our policies, which you can read before making a purchase.
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Care Instructions

You don't need to put a lot of effort to maintain the appearance of your digital wall calendar . You can use standard wood furniture care products for the frame. This will make it easy to maintain its elegance. Your calendar will remain a focal point in your home for years to come and will keep you organized.

What's in the box?

Despite the fact that the calendar is digital, its installation requires a bit of manual work. But we have taken care to make it convenient for you to mount it on the wall. The calendar is mounted on the wall with two steel lugs, which are located on the back cover of the device. Decisively open the box and take the first step towards more efficient planning.

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Discover a new approach to scheduling your appointments with our advanced digital wall calendar. In addition to traditional displays, we also offer models with touch screens. You'll love our new digital wall calendar with touch screen as it's the next step towards greater convenience. With continuous improvement, your productivity is always at its best, while its always elegant design will enhance any room in your home. Our smart calendars combine cutting-edge technology with classic carpentry traditions. You get a cutting-edge response to your organizational requirements.

Digital Wall Calendar Key Features

Easily sync with online calendars, including Google, Apple, and others, to view current appointments or reminders in real time. We equip our displays
DAKboard software, so you can always stay up to date with the latest weather forecast, see your to-do lists, stay aware of traffic congestion on the way to work, and always read the latest news from a curated news feed. But that's not all, along with the calendar functions, you can use it as a fun photo frame that stylishly connects you to your world of family memories. That's why our digital wall calendar is such a welcome addition to your family space.

Synchronization and Connectivity

Enjoy reliable synchronization with your electronic devices and calendars, be it Android or iPhone. Your existing schedules and appointments will be seamlessly merged and viewable thanks to the wireless connection provided by our digital wall calendar. Use this truly cutting-edge technology solution to optimize your daily activities, taking your organization and punctuality to the next level.

Full HD Display With Vibrant Colors

We know how important it is that your family photos always look great. That's why we've used matte displays with full-density resolution and unprecedentedly vibrant colors. By easily updating calendars and adding photos, you intuitively turn your daily routine into a dynamic, interactive experience. You can still make changes, set reminders, and manage your schedule using the regular apps. But you'll feel more at ease and in control of your routine.

Smart Schedule Management

Unleash the potential of intelligent schedule management. Our digital wall calendar will take managing your tasks, appointments and events to the next level. Organize your commitments organically for maximum efficiency by naturally scheduling time for family activities together. Experience confidence in flawlessly controlled graphics, backed by cutting-edge technology and Duckboard's intuitive user design.

Elegant Wooden Frame

Combine practical planning with aesthetics with our exquisite natural wood frame. Enhance the ambience of any space by choosing from the many wood species we offer. The calendar will fit perfectly into your interior and will allow you to combine advanced functionality with the classic charm of natural wood. We offer the following natural solid wood for the frames:

  • Ash dark
  • Walnut
  • Ash light
  • Black paint
  • Oak natural
  • White paint

Customizable Display

Customize the digital wall calendar to suit your preferences. Choose from different display modes and layouts to suit your unique style and needs. Plus, you always have the choice between portrait or landscape orientation.

Digital Wall Calendar FAQ

What is the difference between a photo frame and a digital calendar?

While a traditional photo frame adds charm to your space, a digital wall calendar offers interactive scheduling and organization. With its full HD display, wireless connectivity, and smart features, our digital calendar goes beyond aesthetics to enhance productivity.

Does the digital calendar need the Internet to work?

The digital calendar requires an internet connection to sync with your online calendars, display real-time information, and provide updates. Staying connected will ensure that you enjoy its full range of features.

Can I use a digital calendar to access the Internet or social networks?

Although the digital calendar is designed to streamline your scheduling and organization it provides also integration with Instagram and X (former Twitter), so you can showcase your lovely Instagram photos and display the twits. However no Internet browsing in its traditional way is possible. Its main focus is on helping you manage your time and tasks efficiently.

Can I sync multiple digital calendars?

Absolutely! Your personal, professional, and family schedules may all be gathered into one simple location with the help of our digital wall calendar, which supports synchronization with various calendars.

Elevate your organizational game with our 24-inch Digital Wall Calendar. Embrace the future of scheduling and experience the seamless fusion of technology and style in your daily life. Transform your surroundings with smart elegance – order your Digital Wall Calendar from Smartnmagic today.