Smart Display Solutions. One Display! Many Applications

Today, simple yet advanced solutions are available in the market. These solutions make tasks easier for people. Have you seen any advertisement for smart tools that will make your life simple? We bring one such product for you. SmartnMagic smart displays powered by Dakboard are such product that will change your life. They offer a unique approach to integrating technology into all important parts of your life.
These smart display solutions, which put interactive touchscreen or conventional LCD panels at the forefront, can change your routines, boost your productivity, and redefine what convenience means.

Digital Office Calendar

In the corporate world, efficient communication and organization are paramount. Digital display solutions seamlessly integrate into office settings. It becomes the office calendar that keeps everyone informed. You can organize meetings, deadlines, and important events through digital wall calendar. The digital display wall is clear and engaging. It will help in collaboration and productivity among team members.

Personalized Instagram Screen

You can transform our smart display solutions into personalized Instagram LCD screen. Imagine having your favorite video moments from your Instagram feed right at your fingertips. Stay engaged, connect with posts and content, and
immerse yourself in your online world on a larger canvas, all thanks to the power of modern display solutions and visualization.

Family Schedule Board

Modern life can be hectic, especially for families with multiple schedules. Enter the family schedule board powered by smart display solutions. No more missed appointments or last-minute conflicts – stay organized with a synchronized schedule accessible to everyone in the household. Real-time updates keep family members on the same page and help them manage routines. It reduces stress and promotes harmony in
the family.

Picture Frame Wall Display

Personalize your living space with a touch of sophistication. Our display solutions transform into elegant picture frame wall displays. Showcase cherished memories, family photos, and artwork with exceptional clarity and resolution. Rotate images, create slideshows, and relive precious moments with the added flair of interactive technology.

Weather Forecast Wall Display

Stay ahead of the weather with a dedicated smart display weather forecast. It’s time to stop relying on your phone for weather updates. This smart solution brings real-time weather forecasts directly to your wall. So, you can stay prepared for weather conditions before going out.

Smart Home Dashboard

Transform your living space into a centralized hub with a smart home dashboard. You can interface this tool with your smart home devices with a single intuitive Full HD LCD screen with high graphics. The feature includes lighting and temperature monitoring to security systems sensors monitoring. Enjoy the convenience of reading statuses of your connected devices with ease.

Parcel Status Updates

The anticipation of package deliveries is a universal experience, and our smart display solution take it to the next level. You will get updates on your parcels’ status right on your display and stay in loop for every step of the way. All the features, such as parcel status updates, multimedia, and mount options, brings convenience to your life.

Wall Display News Monitor

With an optional smart touchscreen display news monitor, you're constantly connected to breaking news, headlines, and updates. This feature adds a dynamic element to your living space while effortlessly keeping you engaged with current events.

To-Do List Board for Wall

Boost your productivity with a to-do list board on your wall. It provides additional solutions such as tracking the tasks, appointments, and reminders. With this Smart display solution you can experience the satisfaction of checking off items after completing it.

Display Countdown Timer

A countdown timer is an invaluable tool for managing work tasks or personal home chores. Our Smart display solution offers customizable countdown timers that help you stay on track and meet your deadlines. This feature will help in managing your time and boosting productivity. It can be controlled with our new touch screen model.

Health & Fitness Display

The ticker display will keep you connected with the financial markets as well. Track stocks and financial news easily, empowering you to make informed decisions. Make stocks scroll across the screen. The dynamic nature of this feature adds a touch of professionalism to your space.

Financial Ticker Display

Stay in the loop with financial markets through a real-time ticker display. Track stocks, indices, and financial news easily, empowering you to make informed decisions. The dynamic nature of this feature adds a touch of professionalism to your space.

SmartnMagic bring interactivity and convenience to your daily routines. It gives you an opportunity to explore displays' endless possibilities and applications. You can enhance personal and professional life in ways you never thought possible. Bring SmartnMagic's smart display solutions today to your house and bring comfort in your life!