Discover what you can do with a Dakboard digital wall touch calendar

Discover what you can do with a Dakboard digital wall touch calendar

8 Things You Can Do with a Digital Touch Calendar

We have all heard of digital touch calendars at least once, but what can we do with them? Contrary to popular belief, digital touch calendars are not the technological counterpart of classic paper calendars. On the contrary, they enable us to do many different activities such as checking out our favorite team score, managing household chores and to-dos, checking the weather forecast, and more interactive stuff.

In addition, unlike paper calendars, digital touch calendars don’t get messy, they are visible to everyone in your house, and you can control them from your smartphone or web browser.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you can do with a digital calendar with touch screen based on the Dakboard OS.


  1. Manage your schedule with a touch calendar
  2. Handle to-dos and chores using touch functionality
  3. Get real-time weather updates on a touch screen
  4. Control smart home devices
  5. Stay updated
  6. Stay connected
  7. Enjoy your memories
  8. Check your health
  9. Control your indoor environment

1. Manage your schedule.

Digital Wall Calendar Touchscreen Schedules

Have you ever lost count of the number of birthdays you've missed or dates you've mixed up? It's time to ditch that sinking feeling and upgrade your scheduling game with Dakboard digital touch calendar. This slick device isn't just another touch calendar, it's your productivity powerhouse, keeping you ahead of appointments, events, and all those crucial commitments.

The real game-changer? This touch calendar seamlessly integrates with your go-to digital calendar apps – think Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Microsoft Office365 Calendar. Whatever changes you make on your smartphone, whether you're at a cafe or on a train, they instantly sync with your wall-mounted or desk digital touch calendar. It's like having your personal assistant who never sleeps.

But it's not just about personal efficiency. Imagine boosting your team's productivity by installing the digital touch calendar in your office. Create a central dashboard for everyone to see. Schedule meetings as always, jot down critical deadlines, and allow instant access to essential info – it's teamwork made easy and efficient when they can interact with the built-in calendar touchscreen technology.

Family and friends aren't left out either. Share your schedule effortlessly, keeping your loved ones in the loop. It's not just about sharing where you are, it's about opening a new channel of cool, seamless communication and touch calendar interaction.

Whether you prefer a daily, weekly, or monthly view, this calendar has you covered. With the touchscreen you can scroll your calendars that show multiple months. Add personalized memos and reminders through your conventional applications, tailor your schedule, and never miss a beat. It's not just a calendar with touch, it's your ticket to a more organized, connected, and productive life. 

2. Handle to-dos and chores

Dakboard Digital Calendar Touchscreen Chores

A central hub for your daily routine. If you're having trouble juggling obligations and household chores, a digital touch calendar can help you organize your tasks better, so no one will ever say, "I forgot it!" again. 

The Smartnmagic digital touch calendar lets you leave reminders for daily tasks like feeding the dog, or important tasks like paying the electric bill on your dashboard, accessible to all family members or roomies. They can tap events on the touchscreen to bring them to the forefront.

Personalize them with different colors and update them to keep everything under control. It will help you increase communication and avoid unpleasant discussions and misunderstandings with your partner or family. DAKboard’s Integrations with Trello, Todoist, and Google Tasks will help you manage commitments and time even better!  Have a shift to a future where technology helps us live more harmoniously, not just more connectedly.

With Touch Calendar, every chore is just a touch away, keeping your home organized and your family time joyful and stress-free. Join us in embracing a simpler, more connected way of managing family chores with touch calendar – it's not just about being organized, it's about being together.

3. Get real-time weather updates

Dakboard Touchscreen Weather Updates

No more wasted time on your smartphone trying to figure out which weather service is the most reliable. With your digital touch calendar, you get access to reliable weather information since Dakboard weather data amongst other sources are provided by Weather Underground, one of the most important existing weather online services worldwide.

Weather forecasts are not only in real-time so that you can be aware of any sudden changes or alerts, but you also get access to detailed information about humidity, actual and perceived temperature, pressure, probability of rain, moon phase, and sunset on one touch screen calendar.

All information is displayed on the touch screen in a user-friendly way for all members of the family, even for the youngest, who, thanks to the symbols, can start to get familiar with the weather forecast. You can finally organize your schedule and be sure rain won’t ruin your plans anymore.

Our most sold 24-inch calendar touch screen will bring more than just weather forecasts to your home - it will bring you closer. It's a reminder that technology, when used right, can enhance your understanding of the world and the bonds you share within it.

4. Add you smart home devices

Dakboard Wall Calendar Touchscreen

Let's now talk about hooking up your smart home sensors to a digital touch calendar. Smart home devices are handy, but being able to see them all from the same screen is the best. You can connect them to the digital wall touchscreen and check your kid’s room thermostat, lights, and security camera at a glance. Set the dashboard with your favorite widgets and create the perfect home smart hub for your needs.

It's like having your own home command center. It is not a rocket science today when walking into your room and the lights just know you're there. But it's not just about lights turning on and off. These sensors can tell if it's too hot or cold, if your garage door's left open, or even if there's unexpected water in the basement.

Dakboard digital touch calendar brings all in a wall dashboard and visualizes all the info from your sensors together. It’s like having a map of your house's health right on your wall. You can see everything at a glance: temperatures, security alerts, energy usage – you name it.

So, why do this? It's all about making life easier and your home smarter. No more worrying about whether you left the oven on or the windows open. With this setup, you're always in the know and in control. Welcome to the future of home living, folks. It's convenient, it's smart, and it's all at your fingertips thanks to the calendar's touch technology.

5. Stay updated

Dakboard Digital Scoreboard Touchscreen

If you can't stand the noise of the TV in the morning, or if the kids are watching cartoons, you can read the news in peace on your touch calendar and keep it quiet. You can stay updated with DAKboard’s integrations for Daily Quotes, RSS Feeds, and Reddit, and don’t lose any information about trends and hot topics. You can even interact with Dakboard button blocks by tapping the screen.

If you’re a sports fan you can check real-time scores with Score Stream and be updated on your favorite teams all the time. Just add a widget to your SmartnMagic display and enjoy. Touchscreen functionality allows you to scroll through your Score Stream dashboard.

Whether it's following your local high school's football game or keeping tabs on a professional soccer match across the globe, the calendar touch screen brings you closer to the action. You can swipe through scores, tap for game details, and even cheer for your favorite teams. It's like having front-row seats to every game you care about.

With integrated ScoreStream into 24-inch Dakboard ready touch calendar, you can enhance your experience by viewing live updates, scores, and game information in a larger, more interactive format.

6. Stay connected

Dakboard Digital Wall Calendar Touchscreen Slack

With the Dakboard Digital Touch Calendar you can even display Slack messages and enhance productivity in several ways:

Centralized Communication:

By having Slack messages displayed on a large, easily visible touchscreen, everyone in the office can stay updated on important communications without constantly checking their devices. This reduces the time spent switching between tasks and helps maintain focus.

Real-Time Updates:

Your Teams can receive real-time updates on project statuses, urgent messages, or announcements. This immediacy ensures that everyone is on the same page and can respond more quickly via its touch calendar to any changes or needs.

Increased Engagement:

Your peers are more likely to notice and participate in relevant discussions. It fosters a sense of community and collaboration, as everyone can see what's happening in real-time.

Visibility of Important Information:

Prioritizing certain channels or messages to be displayed can ensure that critical information is not missed. For instance, updates from a project management channel or urgent alerts can be highlighted on the screen for immediate attention.

Encourages Concise Communication:

Knowing that messages will be displayed publicly can encourage team members to communicate more concisely and effectively, leading to clearer and more efficient exchanges.

Reduces Digital Clutter:

Instead of having multiple team members with multiple devices open, a single dashboard displaying key information reduces digital clutter. This can help in creating a more organized and less distracting work environment.

Integration with Other Tools:

Besides Slack, Dakboard digital dashboard can integrate with other project management tools such as Asana, Trello, providing a comprehensive view of all the necessary information for effective team collaboration.

Fosters a Culture of Transparency:

Having open channels of communication on a wall touch calendar promotes a culture of transparency and openness within the team. It helps in building trust and ensuring that all team members are aware of ongoing activities and decisions.

7. Enjoy your memories

Dakboard Digital Photo Frame Touchscreen

Say goodbye to old classic frames that get dusty, fall, and clutter up your house, and be ready to enjoy your best memories on a digital touch display that syncs with your favorite online cloud services. Google Photos, Apple Photos, Google Drive, Dropbox, are just some of the platforms that connect with your Digital Touch Screen. Enjoy thousands of your favorite pictures, and forget about annoying memory cards with your new digital frame.

8. Set and check your fitness goals.

Check your fitness goals, heart rate, daily steps, and sleep metrics on your wall touch screen calendar with Fitbit DAKboard’s integration, and import existing menus from Nutrislice. Any change will be displayed on your touch dashboard to give you 100% control over your health and diet at glance.

9. Control your indoor environment.

With SmartnMagic touch display you can connect humidity and temperature sensors, to monitor if you have the perfect indoor environment for you and your family. Check the temperature in your child's room or the humidity level in your studio from your smart touch screen calendar and make sure everything is as you wish.

Digital touch calendars are so much more than just calendars. They can help you have a better organization both at home and in your office, and they increase communication, productivity, and efficiency. Now that you know what you can do with a Dakboard digital touch calendar from SmartnMagic, you can choose whether to keep the old paper calendar, or embrace a whole new way of managing your time, home, and life. Visit our store to find the perfect solution for you and your needs.


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