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Custom Hand-Made Digital Wall Display

The SmartnMagic Digital Wall Display is not just a digital display; it's a work of art. Hand-crafted to perfection, this device effortlessly becomes a focal point in any room. Still worried about what’s gonna make it the best addition to your interior? The fact that you can choose to mount it anywhere you want, makes it ideal. You may mount it in your:

- Office

- Living room

- Kitchen


The SmartnMagic Digital Wall Display boasts an array of features designed to enhance your daily life:

  • Calendar

    Keep track of your appointments, events, and important dates with ease. The integrated Dakboard calendar ensures you're always in sync.

  • Weather

    Get real-time weather updates at a glance, ensuring you're prepared for the day ahead.

  • Photos

    Display your favorite memories with family and friends in high resolution. You can even set up a rotating gallery.

  • Home Dashboard

    The Wall display provides all kinds of customization options for users as well. With the help of it, you can customize your dashboard with widgets that show your smart home's status, such as:

    -  Lights

    -  Thermostat

    - security systems.

  • News Feed

    Stay informed with the latest headlines and news articles from your preferred sources.

  • Stock Ticker

    Interested in running stocks and staying updated? With the wall display, you can:

    -  Keep an eye on your investments

    -  Utilize live stock ticker

    - Get instant updates on your selected stocks.

  • Notes and Schedules

    Jot down important notes and schedules that you can refer to throughout the day.

  • Schedule Your Way With Smart Board

    What sets the SmartnMagic Digital Wall Display apart is its seamless integration with various apps and services. You can connect your favorite apps to personalize your experience further. The possibilities are limitless as you can connect your:

    -  Google Calendar

    -  Spotify

    -  Add updater

    to personalize your experience further. The possibilities are limitless.

SmartnMagic Digital Wall Display Advantages

Simple Configuration

Setting up your SmartnMagic Digital Wall Display is a breeze. Just follow a few simple steps to get started.

Flexible Options

Tailor your display to suit your preferences. Choose from different layouts, themes, and widgets to create a display that's uniquely yours.

Zero Maintenance

Unlike traditional calendars or displays, the SmartnMagic Digital Wall Display requires minimal maintenance. Once it's set up, you can enjoy hassle-free operation.

100% Customizable

Make it your own. Whether you're a minimalist or a data enthusiast, you can customize your display to showcase what matters most to you.

Works in Landscape

The digital wall display is accessible in all ways. For example, you can use the device in:

-  Landscape mode

- Get a wider view for your calendar, photos, and widgets.

Stylish Piece of Furniture

It's not just a gadget; it's a statement piece. The SmartnMagic Digital Wall Display seamlessly blends technology with aesthetics.

All Dakboard Features

With Dakboard's extensive features, you get access to a wide range of widgets and integrations, making your display truly versatile.

Simple Steps to Setup DAKboard

Setting up your SmartnMagic Digital Wall Display with DAKboard is as easy as 1-2-3:

Sign up for a free account at

Create your DAKboard account to access all the features and customization options.

Connect the display to your home Wi-Fi

Ensure your device is connected to your home Wi-Fi network for real-time updates and seamless performance.

Link the display to your DAKboard account

Pair your SmartnMagic Digital Wall Display with your DAKboard account to start customizing your display.

Customize your smart wall display!

Once linked, you can start personalizing your display with calendars, photos, news feeds, and more.
  • Customers adore the SmartnMagic Digital Wall Display for its ability to combine functionality with aesthetics seamlessly. It's the perfect blend of art and technology, making it a conversation starter in any room.

    In conclusion, the SmartnMagic Digital Wall Display is not just a digital calendar; it's a versatile, stylish, and functional addition to any home or office. With its range of features and customization options,  the wall display:

    -  Truly stands out as a smart wall display

    -  Makes a statement with the smartnmagic digital wall display in your space.

    - Enhances your daily life