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DAKboard Digital Calendar For Families

What a DAKboard digital wall calendar can offer you in 2023?

DAKboard digital wall calendars from Smartnmagic, a small business from Germany, can solve many tasks: they bring together the appointments of several people in a single digital calendar, display your photos, local weather, news and more - and you can hang it up in the room like an analog wall calendar, as Smartnmagic makes complete assembly of wall calendars using DAKboard software.

Digital Wall Calendars in a nutshell.

If you imagine a large screen in a rectangular wooden frame, you have a rough idea of what the Smartnmagic digital calendar looks like. The size of the display, 24 or 32 inches. It runs DAKboard software under the hood.

Such digital calendars have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer many benefits over traditional paper calendars. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, but they also offer a range of features that can make your life easier and more organized. And the prices of digital calendars today are more affordable.

DAKboard Digital Calendar Hanging on a Wall

Features of DAKboard Digital Calendars.

One of the biggest advantages of DAKboard digital calendars is that they are friendly with many online calendars. The software can sync with your favorite calendars such as Google Calendar, iCloud calendar, NextCloud calendar or Outlook/Office365. This means that you can easily add appointments, events, and reminders from any device and have them automatically updated and displayed on your wall calendar. This is particularly useful for families or teams who need to keep track of multiple schedules. If each member of your family uses their own calendar, such as iCal with iPhone or Google Calendar, then the digital wall calendar allows you to display them all on one screen so that each of you can see your appointments and schedules.

If you have elderly parents, you can use the digital calendar as an assistant that reminds your parents of upcoming events or displays fresh photos of their grandchildren right on the screen from your digital photo albums. You can even send text messages directly to the digital calendar screen.

Another benefit of DAKboard digital wall calendars is that they can display more than just dates and events. The software supports photos sharing, weather updates, news headlines, social media feeds, integration with various data sources. This means that you can stay up to date on important information without having to constantly check your phone or computer.

Subscription plans.

DAKboard offers different plans to suit the needs of different users. The features available on each plan vary, and you can choose the plan that best fits your requirements.

The free version of DAKboard (which will always exist) offers basic functionality, including the ability to display two calendars, to-do list, and weather information. You can also customize the layout and design of your DAKboard.

If you require additional functionality, DAKboard offers paid plans. The DAKboard Essential plan, for example, includes more customization options, such as the ability to add more than two calendars to display simultaneously, faster calendar refresh, custom screen layouts and access to all integrations.

The DAKboard Plus plan includes all the features of the Essential plan, as well as additional functionality such as unlimited calendars, instant display refresh when changing its configuration, screen loops and 15 minutes calendar refresh time.

Finally, the DAKboard Pro plan is designed for teams and organizations, offering additional functionality such as user management, bulk screen management, interface branding, priority support and uptime SLA 99.95%.

Overall, DAKboard offers a broad functionality based on the plan chosen, so you can access the features and customization options that are most important to you.

DAKboard Calendar Layouts.

  • Big Monthly: a monthly calendar with large dates, showing the next 1-12 weeks.
  • Monthly: a monthly calendar showing the next 1-12 weeks.
  • Agenda: an agenda-style calendar features events in a vertical or horizontal list.
  • Up Next: a schedule-style calendar with a large "Up Next" section. Ideal for conference room and meeting room schedules. 
  • Availability: a block style showing the current occupied/available status based on a calendar's events.
  • DAKboard Digitial Calendar Full Month


    Smartnmagic offers fully assembled and ready-to-use DAKboard digital calendars installed in wooden frames. We offer calendars in sizes of 24 and 32 inches, as well as various additional options, such as temperature and humidity sensors, motion sensor installation, and Ethernet port installation. You can also request a universal mount from us for various orientations, both portrait and landscape.

    You can explore the range of our digital wall calendars here.

    We use various types of wood to ensure that the frame not only fits your interior perfectly but also enhances the decor of your home. We offer frames made of ash, oak, walnut, and cherry. Frames can also be offered in black or white. Currently, we offer the thinnest frames on the market as well as the widest range of additional options, such as a motion sensor that will turn off your digital calendar if no one is around and turn it back on when you're nearby. Or temperature sensors that will display the temperature directly on the screen of your digital calendar. The calendar is powered by a 110 or 220-volt network and comes with a 2-meter cord and can be mounted on a wall in landscape or portrait orientation.

    DAKboard digital wall calendars are great for small 'communities' - whether private or business - that already manage their calendars online and want to display all entries in one place.

    Overall, such digital calendars can help you stay organized, informed, and on top of your schedule. With their many features and customization options, they are convenient and practical addition to any home or office.



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