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The Best Six Family Calendar Apps & Calendars for 2023!

The Best Six Family Calendar Apps & Calendars for 2023!

Using a family calendar can significantly enhance your life. By keeping all of your appointments and family commitments in one place and dedicating yourself to maintaining them consistently, you'll always be prepared for the day, week, and month ahead. However, it's essential to have the right tool for the job, and choosing a great family calendar will assist you in organizing and remaining organized throughout 2023.

How can you determine the most appropriate family calendar type for your needs?

Choosing the best family calendar can be challenging as there are various options available to suit different needs. For instance, shared calendar apps allow you to synchronize with your spouse's work and your children's sports calendars. Wall-mounted calendars allow everyone in the family to view and discuss schedules each morning.

Fridge-mounted calendars that use dry-erase markers make it easy to start fresh each month. Alternatively, paper calendars that fit in your handbag can accompany you to appointments. Desk calendars that allow you to tear off a sheet each month are also an option.

However, the critical factor is determining which calendar type you are most likely to use consistently? If you fail to use it to record all of your appointments and commitments, it will not be that helpful to you!


Before choosing a family calendar, consider these questions before you travel any further.

  • Do you want to enter things only once (family events that occur every year, e.g. birthdays, sports classes ocured every Wed and Fri), so it repeats, and you don't have to punch it in with each dunce? Then an electronic calendar may be your pick, It'll save you time and do the trick.
  • Are you a visual person, do you need to hold something in your hand? A paper calendar, or one with printouts, can help you understand. Something that's portable, that can go with you to each meeting and place. A paper or electronic calendar can keep up with your pace.
  • Do you want your kids to add commitments too? A wall or shared electronic calendar will do.

    Think about your needs, and choose carefully, So your family can stay organized and happy.

What family calendar app is the best in bringing you ease?

#1. Cozi Family Organizer



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